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SS Totenkopf ring replica for sale

SS Totenkopf ring replica for sale


Replica Totenkopfring Himmler WW2 German Silver Ring.
The ring was one of the attributes SS. Unofficial Heinrich Himmler’s reward for an excellent service. The ring was decorated with dead head, runes and oak leafs.

The SS-Ehrenring (“SS Honour Ring”), unofficially called Totenkopfring (“Skull Ring” or “Death's Head Ring”), was an award of Heinrich Himmler's Schutzstaffel (SS). It was not a state decoration, but rather a personal gift bestowed by Himmler. The SS Honor Sword and SS Honor Dagger were similar awards.

Product Description

SS Totenkopf ring replica for sale

The potency of imagery in the ϟϟ brotherhood was not lost on its leader, Heinrich Himmler, and was clearly in his mind when early in the life of the organization he instituted the Totenkopfring der ϟϟ (April 1934). The ring prominently featured the runes and mystical symbols of the ϟϟ, symbols that played a significant role in magnifying the veil of obscurity and mystique that covered the organization. The award was both a product of, and a source nourishment to the hint of arrogance that surrounds all military units that consider themselves elite.

The Totenkopfring der ϟϟ ring was not a National decoration and could not be earned per say. It was rather a gift from the Reichsfuehrer to reward those senior officers who showed outstanding achievement, devotion to duty, and loyalty to the Fuhrer. Initially it was reserved for “old guard” officers whose membership number was under 5,000, but eligibility requirements relaxed to the point that by 1939, any officer with 3 years of duty was eligible. Besides the seniority requirement, officers had to have an impeccable dossier in order to be recommended for the ring.


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